Yahoo is killing off its Automatic forwarding feature for free accounts from the first day of the year 2021

Yahoo Mail has been around people for as long as the memory serves, far back to the time when emailing became a trend in 1997 amongst users from all over the world. Today, Yahoo Mail offers four different email plans for its users. Three of these plans include the Basic, Plus, and Ad-free plans, and they are meant for personal use. The last plan is for business accounts.

Because of its different plans and easy-to-use approach, Yahoo Mail is considered amongst one of the oldest and one of the most accessible and user-friendly email services in the world.

One of its features was especially considered very interesting, and it is the Automatic forwarding feature. Suppose if a user has two accounts, one on Yahoo personal, and one on Yahoo business, or one on Yahoo Mail and the other on Gmail. Now, if this user keeps receiving some important mails on one account, it is possible that they would want to have a copy of that email on their other account as well. Generally, our email services provide us this option to forward a mail manually, but on Yahoo Mail, this user can enable the Automatic forwarding feature, add another account to it, and without any hassle, Yahoo Mail would automatically send a copy of an email from one account to the other.

This is a seamless, very convenient process that many users use. However, there is sad news that Yahoo Mail is ending this feature for free accounts from 1st January 2021.

As per a notification that Yahoo Mail sent to their users, from the first day of next year, this feature for automatic forwarding of emails from Yahoo inboxes to another third-party email id will be discontinued for free users of Yahoo Mail accounts. But this service will remain active for the users of Yahoo Mail Pro accounts. Users can upgrade their mailing accounts to Yahoo Mail Pro, or they can subscribe to Access + Forwarding to continue using this feature.

According to the notification that Yahoo Mail has sent to its users, they are taking this action to make the free Yahoo Mail accounts more secure. This change will help the Yahoo Mail community to focus on developing and introducing amazing new features for Yahoo Mail users.

Although they are using the ‘security’ card to justify this action of theirs, it seems to be an attempt to earn some money from the users because it is rightly said that nothing good happens for free! 

SOPA Images via Getty Images

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