WABetaInfo has reported several new updates for the WhatsApp Android, including a range of new emojis and an upcoming feature for messages to ‘Read Later’

WABetaInfo is a tracking platform that brings the latest updates and news related to upcoming features and tools on WhatsApp, and all other information related to Android, iOS, and other operating systems and software. Recently, they have reported two new changes.

The first news revolves around WhatsApp beta version for Android In this version, WhatsApp has enabled a set of new Emojis which include new hand gestures, and gender-based emoticons. If you have this beta version, you will already be seeing these new emojis because they come as a default setting with this latest Android beta version of WhatsApp. As for iOS users, they already have new emojis with their latest iOS 14 updates.

The second news revolves around an upcoming feature in the future build of WhatsApp beta. The name of this feature is ‘Read Later.’ Now, this is not exactly a new feature but rather a replacement of ‘Archived Chats’ on WhatsApp.

As you know, WhatsApp is working on a Vacation Mode feature for future builds of the app. This feature will enable the users to archive their chats when new messages arrive to prevent their chats from getting un-archived automatically. Now, this ‘Archived Chats feature is going to be replaced by the ‘Read Later’ feature, which will be far more improved than its predecessor. However, an important thing to remember is that there will be no notifications for any new incoming messages from archived chats. But if the user un-archives a chat, this process will reverse.

The ‘Read Later’ feature will be available on top of your chat list in the form of a newly added cell. This feature will basically prevent the users from getting interrupted constantly by messages on their WhatsApp. But switching off the phone is also not the ideal choice in most cases. So, either people put their phones in silent mode, or they give up and continue checking their messages even when they are having an ‘off-time,’ or are away from work. This ‘Read Later’ feature will reduce all such interruptions because even when the users will receive a new message, it will remain in their chat but they will not receive any notification for it.

The ‘Vacation Mode’ feature can be turned off from the ‘Read Later Settings,’ so users will always have a choice.

Currently, the ‘Read Later’ feature is under development and its release date is also not known as yet.

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