User will now be able to know about the duration of their Google storage plan

In a new updatem Google has launched a new feature which tells user about the duration of the current cloud storage i.e. how long it will last. In an announcement related to Google storage it was stated that from June 1 of next year the company will end its service of unlimited free storage supply and free cap will get over after 15 GB, for user in order to store their photos and videos have to pay Google for it. According to user’s personal information about previous upload history, this feature will allow the company to let their user know about when their current storage will be full. This tool will guide users about the amount of storage occupied by Gmail and Google Drive.

Google had made a page for their users where they can sign in to their account to check and know how much space is remaining on their Google account. For the users that are already signed in to this account will be notified about their storage plan that user has selected for use. Google offer their every user with a Google account the free storage amount of 15 GB as a standard as a original quality storage, this free storage is very helpful for users who had not purchased any storage plan. This new feature will estimate the time period until which the storage will be valid to use for users. the estimation of this tool depends upon the fact that how frequent the user backup their content on Google account. By this feature user will have an idea on the storage consumption by photos and videos and also the storage used by the content of Google drive and Gmail.

The series of tweets lead to the revelation of this tool by by Google Photos Product Lead David Lieb that was explaining the development on the Google storage.

It was announced earlier by Google that on June 1, 2021 the company will be finishing the service of free unlimited storage for their users. The photos and videos which are in high quality already uploaded or those which will be uploaded before next year till 1st June will not be considered in using the free storage of 15 GB. According to Google they have taken this initiative by seeing the growing demand of storage and to counter such demand.

For managing the photos and videos that are backed up, Google will soon be adding a new feature to its photo app for the convenience of its user. This tool will be launched on upcoming year when the Google will be implementing the changes regarding storage. For users who need more storage will be asked to purchase extra storage from Google One plans starting from Rs 130 per month that will give 100 GB storage but for time being this much storage is available on the price on Rs 65 for 1st three months. 200 GB space is available in 210 per month while for 2 TB storage Rs. 650 is required.

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