Chromebooks causing a decrease in sales of other PCs

The Mightiest technology companies to walk on the planet earth are in trouble due to Chromebooks. With its largest sales growth this year, Chromebook is reported to have an estimate of 9.4 million units sold in the third quarter up to 122%, from 2019. To add more, it was also highly prosperous in gaining market through the introduction of detachable devices in the market. Notebooks with detachable keyboards assisted in growing its sales to 88%. This led the sales of Microsoft desktop workstations to decrease by 27%.

Chromebook, with its very budget-friendly, Google-assisted, and web-focused OS objectives and programms, is fortunately able to attract the market. Lein Valdez; Google OS developer’s head is also famously known to have said that bigger and better screens are all the cause for differences.

To meet the demands of the market: companies like HP and Lenovo were among the ones who sold the most Chromebooks this quarter. With an increase in units sold by 11.6 % as compared to the previous year; Lenovo sold 23.4 million units this year. 18.9% of the market share is indeed owned by Lenovo. Moreover, efforts are also done by apple in enhancing its growth to 40.9%; with each passing year. Its shipments weighing 22 million units were sold in the market.

Among all the companies listed above; Samsung was comparatively able to target a wider range of markets through its surge in sales by 86%. It was fortunately lucky enough to worth its shipment to 10 million units. The overall growth of 27% in the market by 124.4 shipments was observed. Mobiles along with computing devices were included in the shipments during the third quarter of 2020.

44.3 million tablets remained the total of units sold in this quarter. With Amazon and Lenovo ranked in fourth and fifth place, first, second and third positions were competitively owned by Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Samsung had its shipments of around a million tablets this quarter, but Apple remained on the top with the aid of its sales of 15.2 million units. Tablet market growth seems to be impossible to grow by 43.3% this quarter without these top 5 selling companies.

HP showed its strongest growth in Chromebooks, with 3.2 million units sold this quarter. Nonetheless, comparing Lenovo’s sales last year of the same quarter of this year it has increased to 321.2%. This year Lenovo sold 1.8 million units which were 1403000 units more than last year.

Canalys’ well-known researcher Ishan Dutt claimed that in this period of pandemic 2020 Chromebooks have an exemplary use in educational systems. It will also serve to be inexpensive and easy-to-use equipment for users and SMBs.

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