Twitter is working on updating a new feature of Filter graphic Media through direct messages

For the new update of Twitter, the company is said to be working on providing their users an option on whether they choose to select the view option or filter graphic media for the messages they receive through DMs or direct messages. Jane Manchun Wong who is an expert in Reverse engineering identified that the feature could be used for direct messages discretely. According to the screenshot that was shared by Wong, users can now clearly will be able to either enable or disable the option of filter graphic media on Twitter. This feature would allow the user to have an option of view as a precautionary measure after the warning that would be displayed earlier for the user to know that this message possibly contain graphic media.

According to the information shared by Wong about the upcoming Twitter update on the platform itself. Based on the updated features an option of filter graphic media would be displayed before the user could open direct messages. This feature of Twitter acts as a warning mechanism for users to have filtered messages and content when enabled but on disabling this, the content is visible for the users.

This feature required more work so that by using this feature users would be able to personalize what type of graphic media they are willing to see without the warning sign.

Following are the graphic media which is grouped by Twitter:
  • Nudity
  • Sexual content
  • Violence
This new update or feature still needs some clarification on the aspects that whether this filter is applied on either new message requests or on the messages that are sent by already authorized senders.

Twitter has not yet launched this new feature of graphic media content on the micro-blogging sites and no users have reported seeing it. It is also important to mention that Twitter has not yet said anything regarding the working of this feature officially.

As reported earlier by the Wong that there are possibilities about Twitter working on another feature related to direct messages. The upcoming updated version of this media platform would allow its users to have the option for selectively muting the incoming direct message requests. This update would be capable of disabling the notifications about the repeated requests from the same sender and this feature would bring unaccepted conversations to the end of the user’s message request list.

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