Snapchat’s Parent Company Acquires Songwriting App Voisey

Snapchat has made quite a few admirable efforts to hold its ground in spite of the fact that it is a real underdog when you compare it to larger social media platforms that might be out there many of which often steal Snapchat’s own features with impunity. A songwriting app by the name of Voisey has attained quite a high level of popularity among people that use TikTok, and since TikTok is a major competitor that Snapchat now has to start dealing with this provided the social media platform with a chance to get an edge on the competition.

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has now acquired Voisey, and chances are that many of the features the app had to offer that allowed users to make beats along with a lot of other songwriting tools might just end up getting incorporated into Snapchat in the near future. This is also going to be a bit of a blow for TikTok, since an app that many of its users enjoyed using on a regular basis is now in the hands of one of its biggest competitors something that could prevent TikTok users from making use of Voisey and potentially even driving a lot of users to switch to Snapchat in order to continue using Voisey during their music making endeavors.

An interesting aspect of Voisey is that it has the potential to allow a lot of musicians to end up working together due to the various collaborative features it has in the mix. These features are what make this app so great when it comes to working with a number of different social media platforms, something that has made Snapchat so eager to buy the app in the first place. This is a smart move by Snapchat, one that has the potential to tip the scales in a new marketplace changed by TikTok.

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