Instagram Is Finally Planning To Pay Publishers With Certain Conditions

There is a huge chance that Instagram might become the new absolute favorite of publishers very soon as the company is thinking about opening up a program that will revolve around paying publishers for the content they produce to make the platform emerge as a reliable news and information source.

However, this isn’t the first time such an idea has been circulating as prior to this, Instagram decided to further announce the initiative in the second half of 2020 but then postponed it to a later date that is still unknown.

But with that being said, Instagram now is planning to include a few creators in its initial test of the revenue sharing program and it will be based on IGTV ads. A recent example of this is a selective partnership of Instagram and Buzzfeed that was announced last week in the name of a new IGTV social series called “BuzzFeed’s Show Off”.

Apart from that, Axios has also reported that Instagram paid ATTN for the creation of GOTV videos and more relatable content on the app. There are now other publishers waiting in line to affiliate themselves with Instagram’s new program.

While all of it does sound like a brilliant catch, Instagram will also be very cautious about its monetization policy for publishers. The company is still trying to figure out the right ways in which they can share revenues with the creator as previously publishers have been switched by Facebook with rushed deals.

If reports are to be true then Instagram will share a 55% share of ad revenue with the creator who will make an IGTV video. And together with the traditional method of making money on Instagram that revolves around selling or promoting products, a creator would now have a fair chance to depend on the platform for full time earning.

There is also a possibility of roll-out of badges which creators can then sell to their fans who want to make sure that their comments appear on the top.

Although Instagram already has separate teams that work day and night with the publishers to introduce new tools and create engaging content, yet the company is no plans of releasing a dedicated News tab which can be filled with licensed news content. So, IGTV would be the place where Instagram is ready to share its revenues - very much like Facebook’s Watch Tab.

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