Google Maps now shows average hotel ratings, pricing, and other information directly in listings

Recently, Google made an update and start displaying information about hotels on the overlay of Google Maps. Usually, only limited information was provided to the user about hotels on Maps. However, in a recent update Google expands the information displayed on the Maps. It can now provide detailed specifications about hotel attributes.

Lluc Berrio Penycate tweeted on Twitter that Google has started showing average hotel review ratings such as pricings, and hotel details directly in the pins. In this way, a company will get an advantage in the local search when a user will open the hotel reviews.

According to Lluc Berrio Penycate, not only the hotel names and the price range but also specific descriptions about the hotels are also mentioned. Users will get to know about every detail without even opening pin or hotel website. Like “all-inclusive” or “hotel with beachfront and two outdoor pools.” This update will make it easier for people to look for the right hotel option. Along with this rating system, the average star ratings are also displayed for people who prefer to choose a hotel by star ratings. In the fight of hotels, this feature will benefit the hotel operators to gain visitors.

Along with star ratings Google is pulling price per night and avalibility data from Google Travel section and featuing it directly inside Maps both on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Previously, there were various listings but they were of very limited details that only guide about the hotel in terms of ratings. However, now, hotel operators can use Google Maps to attract as many guests as possible by adding accurate details about the hotel and keep their profile updated by retaining star rating as well.

Google Maps is one of the most authentic and unmatched local search engine. People can directly decide a hotel by just taking a look at the listings as it will provide all the necessary information required to finalize the decision of becoming a guest or a customer of any local business. Hotel operators should always keep their business profile up-to-date but with these types of innovations.
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