Google Maps is adding a new dedicated section for ‘Trips’ in the Timeline view

If you are fond of reminiscing your memories of the places you visited in the past, there is good news for you then. If you enable your location, all your history of visited places is saved in your Timeline view on Google Maps. When you open the Timeline Section, you can see several views at the top of the screen with options for ‘Day,’ ‘Places,’ ‘Cities,’ and ‘World.’ Now, Google is adding another dedicated option for ‘Trips’ to the Timeline.

Currently, when you tap into the ‘Saved’ tab, you see the section of ‘Reservations’ right next to the Timeline section. When you click open reservations, all your saved places and events come into your view. This is one way to keep a track of your past ‘wandering’ ventures and your travel history, the place you have visited, and the distance of those places from your current location. Everything can be seen there, but this dedicated ‘Trips’ view will be more advanced. It will give you more historical background of your vacation or trip to various places in your timeline, all the distances you traveled, and all the modes of transportation you used while traveling. The most recent trip of yours will get a larger cover image with a lot more details than ‘Reservations’ provides.

After a while, once Google Maps ascertains your interests, likes, and dislikes while traveling through some of your basic stats, it will provide you with more tabs for specific ‘Places,’ ‘Destinations,’ and even ‘Your itinerary.’ This feature is coming to Google Maps for Android anytime soon, but the exact date of the official release is not known yet.

Another good news is that the Timeline feature from Google Maps is going to come to Google Photos also! This redesigned map view for Google Photos was introduced earlier this year, but now, if you tap on the map in Photos, you can easily jump to a location, and you can scroll through your images and the location pin will jump to that place.

So, basically, your photos of different places will be available in a Timeline map view, and you can go through them while cherishing the moments you spent traveling through those places.

This Timeline will show you all the paths you took on a certain day while clicking your photos, and you will also have the option to either show your Timeline from you’re the View settings of your maps in Photos, or hide it. The choice will be all yours!

This feature s rolling out in the following weeks.

Google is also highlighting the travel and hotel products, the advisory related to COVID-19 at different places, or any restrictions related to it.

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