Revolutionary Digital and Graphic Design Trends of 2021 [Infographic]

Our digital world moves so quickly it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trends and technologies propelling us forward. Whether it’s knowing when Apple will release the next iOS update, how Google is changing its algorithms, or just understanding the way design trends are transforming, we have to stay on our toes.

This speed at which we live is hard to compute.

The beautiful thing about the rapidly involving digital spaces and technology are the opportunities and experiences available to us. Change may be challenging, but it is a challenge that only makes you better.

When it comes to graphic and digital design, changes keep business owners, design professionals, and digital experts sharp and looking forward.

It can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes. That’s where the design team at Coastal Creative can provide some insight. Every year their annual investigation into emerging design trends provides a well-researched, insiders look at defining design.

Revolutionary Times

To take a look at how we got to our current speed, it’s helpful to start at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In essence, it can be broken down into these 4 distinct waves:
  • First Industrial Revolution: Brings us water and steam power.
  • Second Industrial Revolution: Notable for far-reaching electrical power and mass production.
  • Third Industrial Revolution: Otherwise known as the “The Digital Revolution,” this era is marked by electronics, information technology, and automated production.
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution: Now.
Yes, now we live in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is a connected world, a transforming world, and a constant whirlwind of evolution.

Each Revolution has progressively spun at greater speeds. We no longer operate a linear line graph to measure our technology advances, now we measure growth exponentially.

It can be incredibly challenging to keep up.

We have to try though.

This 4th Revolution is a period marked by a blurring of lines between technology, a fusion of systems uniting worlds, and industries that once seemed opposing. Something that is reflected in social media usage, design trends, music, art,— everywhere.

Beyond the fact that we are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are living in unprecedented times. (Yes, I said it.) Or perhaps we should think of this past year differently. These are revolutionary times.

Things are changing. The entire world basically shut down for a month. Everything that could move to digital spaces HAD to move to digital spaces.

These revolutionary changes, the fusion of worlds, and underlying opposition can be found in the latest emerging graphic and digital design trends.

What are the Design Trends for 2021?

The design trends for 2021 are revolutionary, of course.

Not only are these 8 concepts a reflection of the constantly changing digital landscape in this 4th Industrial Revolution, but they are inspired by 2020. A revolutionary year marked by a global pandemic, political unrest, and more.

These trends merge the organic with the digital (Earth x Metal), show us the importance of responding and interacting with digital spaces (Responsive Clutter), and so much more.

Here they are, the latest 2021 digital and graphic design trends:

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