GoDaddy becomes a target of a hacking attempt once again but luckily this time the impact was small, and the company took prompt measures to combat it

GoDaddy. Inc is one of the largest platform that is a publicly traded internet domain registrar and a web hosting company. It has millions of users with some of the most famous companies as its clients. A year ago, GoDaddy became a victim of cybercrime where data was breached and affected more than 28000 hosting accounts. The company had somehow managed to recover from that shock amidst the chaotic year that followed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Like many other organizations in the world, GoDaddy also had to ask most of its employees to work remotely because of the security protocol due to the pandemic. However, this resulted in the company getting attacked by some cyber criminals again.

According to KrebsOnSecurity, recently some hackers manipulated some of the employees of the company through the ‘vishing’ technique. It means that the hackers used voice calls to approach some of the employees of GoDaddy, perhaps tricked them into believing that they were calling from a company’s technical team and need their assistance to solve an issue. Then, prompted those employees to sign-in to various accounts. This is a trick to get more and more account sign-ins, and perhaps, this is what those hackers also used. The hackers made these employees hand them the ownership of different web domains that provide cryptocurrency services. They were then able to get some sites down like, NiceHash, etc.

However, it is still not known exactly how many employees were manipulated and how many websites got affected. Amongst suspected targets, some sites like Bibox, Celsius, and Wirex are also included. These sites have not issued any statements regarding this attack though.

According to a spokesperson from GoDaddy, some of the company’s staff was targeted and was used to get inside some hosting accounts and domains. The hackers made unauthorized changes to those accounts. Luckily, GoDaddy took prompt measures and reverted those changes, locked all those targeted hosting accounts, and then helped the victims to regain control and access to their domains and accounts.

The last year’s data breach already put a dent in the company’s image, and now this new attack further reinforced it. Although it could have happened because most of the employees are working remotely and it was probably not easy for them to not become a victim of vishing, what’s done is done. However, GoDaddy’s prompt measures must be appreciated, and this fact also that amidst this pandemic, cybercrime has increased more than ever before, and any company can become a target anytime! 

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