Apple AR Executives Say That AR Will Become Integrated Into Our Lives In The Next Few Years, Just Like The Internet

CNET has reported that Apple will soon unveil an augmented or mixed-reality headset. Although the company has not yet discussed any headgear, AR is still alive, and it is getting better fast on the iPhone. Apple started its augmented reality journey back in the year 2017, and this year, it has added LiDAR scanners to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro lineups.

During an interview with CNET, Apple’s head of AR Mike Rockwell, and senior product manager for AR, Allessandra McGinnis, reiterated bullish opinion of Apple on augmented reality. Apple’s head of AR emphasized that one of the ways the company can help ensure AR’s success is to make it available in the Apple device ecosystem. Rockwell said that AR has enormous potential to be helpful to people in their lives. The executive also added that even if a few iPhone and iPad users take advantage of AR features that are available today, that is still a ‘gigantic number.’ He stated that all of this is the part of the company’s goal to provide an ecosystem and platform for developers where they could invest their time and effort and make money.

On the other hand, Apple’s senior product manager for AR touted that augmented reality is already having a practical impact on businesses. McGinnis stated that Home Depot has found that consumers are 2-3 times more likely to make a purchase when they view a product in AR than others that don’t. McGinnis cited numbers from and Spotify.

And on the ability of AR to have an impact on accessibility, Apple’s head of AR said that there is a lot more we can do, specifically related to our understanding of the environment. McGinnis revealed that the company would be working together with partially sighted and blind communities to enhance on the people-detection side. Rockwell also said that over the upcoming few years, AR would become one of those things where a person cannot just remember living without it, just like the internet. He added that people would be using this technology on a regular basis and AR will become just integrated into our daily lives.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple could release its AR headset as early as 2021. Separately, the company could release an augmented reality headset designed for gaming in 2022 and potentially announce it in 2021.

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