Facebook finally announced that it is now testing to bring dark mode on its main mobile app

Jane Manchun Wong, the famous reverse engineer who unearths hidden and upcoming features on various apps reported in March 2020 about Facebook’s inclination towards testing the Dark Mode for its main mobile app.

Now, Jane Wong has reported, and it has been publicly announced by Facebook also that officially, testing has begun for Dark Mode on the main Facebook mobile app.

A video has been released about the Facebook app’s Dark Mode testing, and interestingly, Jane Wong's conversation has been featured in the video too, as she was the one who was in touch with representatives from Facebook and she was also the one whom users bombarded with questions related to the Dark Mode on her social media profiles.

Surprisingly, Facebook took so long to bring Dark Mode to its main mobile app when almost all other apps that the company owns have already been endowed with the Dark Mode. Instagram, WhatsApp, even Facebook Lite already have Dark Mode functionality, while the mobile app remained ‘Dark Mode-Less’ for so long! Even the company started testing Dark Mode for the web browser version of the app back in March. Then in June, a limited testing option for the functionality was reported, but then again, there was silence from Facebook for a couple of months.

At that time, in March, when Jane Wong reported made the earliest reports about it, it seems that the tests with small groups of users began then only. But it is just now that more public testing has been announced, and that too, directly by Facebook.

Dark Mode is available on almost all apps and browsers now. It not only gives relief to the eyes by putting less strain on it, but it also looks quite chic! It is somewhat better for the battery of your device too as it drains it less.

Anyway, the good news now is that finally, our Facebook mobile app will most likely get Dark Mode soon, although it is not known how long these tests are going to run for and when will the Dark Mode officially roll out for the mobile app. But except for waiting, nothing else can be done. So, let us just wait a little more to experience the Dark Mode on Facebook’s mobile app in the coming months.

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