Apple Might Be Ending Support for iPhone 6, SE

A lot of people buy older models of iPhones because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to take advantage of iOS as well as other kinds of benefits that iPhones have the potential to provide. However, if you are thinking of buying any kind of iPhone at any given point in time, especially if you are about to buy an older model, you might want to consider asking about how long a particular model would be getting support for.

Last year Apple discontinued support for a number of its products including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and several other phones that the company has ended up releasing over the years. This meant that the people that might have been using those phones would no longer be able to get the latest versions of iOS, although those phones did get patched versions of the previous OS that had been made available.

It seems like Apple might just discontinue support for the iPhone 6S soon, as well as for the iPhone SE. This in many ways marks the end of an era, as the iPhone SE was the first ever example of Apple taking a more budget friendly approach to its various buyers.

While Apple has not made any announcements yet, insider reports have made it clear that the iPhone 6S will not be able to upgrade to iOS 15 when it comes out next year. This will probably lead a lot of people to upgrade their phones, something that Apple probably prefers since it brings in some much needed revenue for the company to use. Apple certainly doesn’t mind users buying older products of theirs since money is money after all, but there is a chance that some users would be irked by this change especially since Apple has been doing this sort of thing a lot more often recently.

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