Alexa becomes smarter - now equipped with ability to detect 'intent' behind words

Amazon says that Alexa is now able to understand user requests even if they are not clearly defined. The company made this announcement on Wednesday through a blog post.

As an example, Amazon used the question, “How long does it take to steep tea?” in response, Alexa will say “Five minutes is a good place to start.” and “Would you like me to set a timer for five minutes?”

The company says that the technology behind the latent goal predictions are complex and the company used advance algorithms to ensure the AI predictions work precisely.

However, Amazon did say that not all interaction with Alexa will end with predictions.

The service is already available to English-speaking customers in the USA.

Just like any other technology, Alexa’s new feature is receiving a mixed response from the audience. While it is designed to make regular operations smarter, some critics are anticipating more annoyance and creepiness from the AI device.

Some users also believes that this is just a ploy by Amazon to target ads and upsell. Privacy concerns are also rising and many groups are worrying that the new technology doesn’t have robust protection in place.

Moreover, Amazon has not yet clarified whether there is an option to opt-out of the prediction or is it toggled on by default.

What are your thoughts about the new feature? Let us know in the comments!

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