6 Reasons You Should Be Editing Your Photos More

No matter if you’re a hobby blogger, the CEO of a global brand, or an Instagrammer promoting the latest direct-to-consumer health product, you’re probably posting visuals online in some capacity, and that represents a major opportunity.

Every image you post on any type of published page or social media platform represents your brand. It shows your audience who you are. And it’s up to you to take advantage of that chance, whether it’s on your blog, your social media profiles, or anywhere else online. Viewers care.

This article gives you six reasons you should be editing your photos more, and offers tips on how to do so, with the aim of empowering you to take advantage of each opportunity that you create when you publish visuals.

1. Editing your photos makes your images more appealing

There’s a vast difference between a decent, passable photo, and one that’s actually appealing to viewers. The benefit of editing is you don’t have to wait for the best weather or the right lighting - you can create a visually appealing photo with a few clicks, even if your source material wasn’t perfect.

Photo editing gives you a chance to color correct, increase warmth, crop as you need, all with the aim of making a photo that people enjoy looking at. And the best part is that you don’t need a $1000 camera, a production studio or ideal natural light to do this.

Editing lets you make the most of the photos you already have or can snap within a few seconds with your phone.

2. You have a way to create cohesive branding

Most successful blogs and Instagram accounts have a theme they rely on, that lets the viewer associate a color scheme and look with the brand.

For example, on Courtney Randall’s Instagram account, the singer uses Photoshop’s Lightroom Presets feature to give everything an ethereal rose gold vibe that fits her entire feed and story highlights.

This is valuable for a couple of reasons. First, it lets you associate a look with your brand, which can make you more memorable. Even when I don’t know who posted, when I see that pinky goldy style photo, I’m going to guess it’s Courtney’s.

Second, it means you can work with various sources of images. Even if it's sunny one day, cloudy the next, and you’re indoors on a third day, you can make all those images look similar by using editing – again ensuring your brand’s visual style is consistent.

3. You get the opportunity to explore your creative side

While the above two tips focus on minor corrections such as cropping or tweaking the color scheme, you don’t have to limit yourself to small changes. Photo editing can be a chance to create a whole new and fun world. Have fun with the edits, and experiment with all the different changes you can make to an image.

Try out different crops, to change the focus of your image. Test out alternative color schemes. Fade in and out. Get messy with your photography, and then get creative when you edit the results.

Photo editing lets you move beyond ordinary images, letting you use color and style in a way that can augment or alter what reality looks like. Get to know your creative side and see what comes out.

4. Editing can make your photos more attention-grabbing

The image you post is the window into the soul of your content. Don’t rely on bland imagery that lets your viewers just scroll on by. Really grab people’s attention with something that surprises and delights them. Play with color warps, add odd effects to objects, and decorate your images with eye-catching extras.

Once your viewer’s stopped scrolling thanks to your image, you’ve got a chance to convey your message. Attention is hard to come by nowadays.

Most editing tools are designed for minor corrections, as mentioned above. To really stand out, it’s worth looking at something created with this specific use in mind, like Artleap. Developed by Lightricks, this tool has a ton of different functionalities that can let you edit your photos to the next level.

5. It’s probably simpler than you realize

Previously, a lot of folks (myself included) stayed away from any kind of photo editing because it looked hard. I did not have the budget or expertise to get something like Adobe Photoshop, so I just posted photos as I shot or downloaded them, completely unedited.

Luckily, that’s not the case today. There are tools that are not only completely free to download but also extremely intuitive to learn, because they were built for people taking pictures on smartphones and doing a quick edit before posting to whatever platform they chose.

Personally, I rely on Google’s free Snapseed app to handle my quick edits. As an example, I literally just snapped this picture of my favorite mug and edited it to be a bit brighter and warmer. It took me 1 minute and 24 seconds from start to finish. It’s far from perfection, of course, but my point is that anyone can do it. Today’s editing apps are designed to be beginner friendly and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

6. Editing lets you tell a story

Finally, editing your images gives you a chance to tell a story. When you post, ask yourself: What am I conveying with this image? Use editing to set the mood and tone of what you’re communicating with the image edited the way you like.

One travel blogger who does this especially well is Cat Thomson of Flying Scots Girl. Her images are all edited in a way that match the mood and story she’s trying to tell with that image, while still matching her overall feed aesthetic. Below, for instance, the image practically invites us to join in on her adventure.

You can’t disregard the opportunity to augment your messaging with the photos you choose. Editing your pics can be a perfect way to do that.

Final thoughts

There are countless reasons to edit your photos, but these six should be enough to get you on board.

Editing photos is not just smoothing away lines and blemishes. It’s not just for professionals working on glossy magazines. It’s about telling a story, both in the short and long term of your content. Editing gives you a chance to express your creativity, reconnect with your audience and establish yourself visually – all with just a few finger taps.

Stop throwing away opportunities and start editing your pictures, no matter where or what you’re posting.
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