Zoom Capitalizes on Lockdown Success With New App Integration and Events Marketplace

Video conferencing application Zoom saw an incredible amount of success over this past year, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the covid-19 pandemic has made it so that a lot of people can’t leave their homes and as a result of the fact that this is the case the only way they can contact the people they need to talk to is through a wide variety of video conferencing applications with Zoom managing to stand out thanks to its unique features.

The video call app knows that its success will be rather short lived if it doesn’t manage to expand the services it provides and the features that it currently has at its disposal then larger companies like Google and Facebook would end up swallowing it up by beefing up their own video calling features at the end of the day. Hence, Zoom has added a few new things to its platform, with two of the new things that have been added standing out.

The first is a new event marketplace that is called OnZoom. This is a place where users can browse through virtual events and make it so that they can buy the tickets on the platform itself with the payments getting processed through PayPal, and people will also have the option of using credit cards as well. The beta version of this marketplace is being tested out in the US but a global rollout is probably going to happen soon.

The second update that’s coming has to do with third party apps. Dropbox, Asana and other useful apps that people use anyway on Zoom calls will now be accessible on the video call itself which is the sort of thing that can save people a lot of time.

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