Google Glass Now Supports Meet To Help Managers Supervise Remote Work

Do you remember Google Glass? Yes, the company’s most promising hands-off device that is predicted to deliver so much but still remains relatively undervalued in the global market.

Well, there is something exciting coming up in its Enterprise Edition as according to the recent developments, Google Meet might just become a part of the Glass, all with the aim of letting remote supervisors manage fieldwork by looking through the eyes of the worker. The process is going to be super smooth as the worker is only supposed to video call the manager via Meet with Google Glass on.

The idea seems pretty much inspired by what Microsoft tried to do in their very initial HoloLens demo. The makers showed us how an employed fixed a light switch via Skype video call on the device. But unfortunately, Microsoft later stopped Skype’s integration and instead replaced it with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Program which now costs $20 to $65 per user per month to any company that decides to use it.

In the official accompanying blog post, Google has also stated that Meet is only available for paying Google Workspace customers, and in fact, the project is so exclusive that even they will have to apply for the beta at the moment in order to use it. This is slightly surprising considering the fact that Google recently opened up its direct sales of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in February of this year.

Other users can try out the normal Google Meet with their phones for the similar idea but then again that wouldn’t make them hands-free.

As of now, Google and Microsoft both cater to a variety of enterprise customers with their headsets. The biggest of them all has been Boeing for Google - the one that builds airplanes with the help of augmenting the PDF assembly guides which they get to see on the laptop screens.

Post COVID-19 pandemic, Google has started to push Meet more aggressively. The move does make sense looking at how the need to beat the up-roaring success of rival teleconferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. And with such little useful features that are designed for the right market, Google Meet might also get its lost reputation back.

Nevertheless on the business forefront, Meet is now a part of Gmail, there has been Meet conference room hardware bundles introduced by the company, and also how users can now enjoy group calls with Nest smart displays.

What's next on the list? We are excited!

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