You can now set up an age limit on your professional Instagram account

In December 2019, Instagram added some new age restrictions that you come across while creating your account on Instagram. However, later, Instagram started introducing age-related checks for professional accounts too, and now, Instagram's help page clarifies that users can set a minimum age limit while creating their professional aka Business Instagram profiles.

All of this started because of several reports that the platform received from users about the vulnerability of teenagers under 18 years and how they can be exposed to inappropriate content on Instagram. So, the company decided to take the matter seriously. A report which suggested that millions of 12-15-year-old teenagers had submitted their personal information on Instagram that can be accessed and misused by anyone further reinforced the matter of utmost importance.

Besides the risk of these kids being subjected to danger because of their vulnerability to share their contact information, there is also a chance that they may see something or get exposed to content that may not be appropriate for their age.

And now, with the latest update that Instagram has introduced, if you have a business account and if you think that some of your products are not suitable for a certain age group, you can easily put an age limit on your account. With this minimum age limit, you can also set up country-specific age limits on products as per the policies of different regions/countries.

With your professional Instagram account, you can set up this default minimum age limit by tapping on ‘Settings,’ and then choosing ‘Business’ or ‘Creator’ profile. Once you are done with the basics, you will see the option of ‘Minimum Age.’ Here, you can add a default age that can either be applied everywhere or age by country laws. These country-specific ages will replace the default age for that particular country.

Creators can put this minimum age restriction on their full profile, and they can also choose to put it for specific posts.

This age restriction is separate from mandatory restrictions on specific products like Alcohol, some types of medicines, etc. that are set up by the regulatory authorities. Any businesses selling such items over Instagram will already be following an age limit anyway. But putting restrictions on other items is a way to stop kids from being put in harm’s way. It will also be useful for the brands that want to promote their products in various countries where age restrictions vary from their original country.

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