Facebook Watch Gets a Makeover With Topics and New Featured Section

Facebook has been focusing on expanding the features that it offers various users quite a bit and part of this has involved a focus on video streaming content. With YouTube reigning supreme in this regard for years at this point, the people over at Facebook definitely had their work cut out for them.

Regardless, Facebook Watch was launched and while Facebook definitely tries to make the number of people that use this feature a lot higher than it actually is by using underhanded tactics such as counting anyone who has ever watched a single minute of content as an active user, the number of users that have used this feature at any point has doubled in a year to about 1.2 billion which means that the feature is definitely becoming a great deal more popular.

Facebook is moving forward with two new features within Facebook Watch that are going to make the viewing experience far better for users than might have been the case otherwise. The first new feature that is coming has to do with topics. You would now be able to browse videos and the like that have been sorted based on various topics, something that can enable you to avoid content that you don’t enjoy or is in some way not all that relevant to you and instead focus on the videos that would actually provide you with the kind of experience that you may have been looking for.

Another update that is coming to Facebook Watch is a new featured section. This is a lot like what YouTube offers, and the basic purpose of this new section is that videos that are attaining a fair amount of popularity would be more visible to the average viewer, thereby making it more likely that videos uploaded to Facebook Watch would end up going viral.

These two updates might do a lot to entice users into checking the service out, but at the end of the day Facebook Watch has struggle from the very start and perhaps more effort would need to be put in to make sure that it can truly end up competing with the likes of YouTube.

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