Yahoo Groups to Go Permanently Offline in December

If you are a more or less old school user of the internet, chances are that you have used Yahoo Groups on a regular basis. These message groups were a very mainstream and accessible way to join the massive global conversation that was the internet, and much like everything else Yahoo had started back in the day it saw a great deal of popularity that was extremely effective at disseminating information and created a model that even modern tech juggernauts like Google follow more or less to the letter.

With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that Yahoo has seen a steady and sometimes drastic decline over the years, and as a result of the fact that this is the case many once cherished Yahoo services and features started to go away. After the search engine company was acquired by Verizon, the slow disassembly of everything that once made the service great began to pick up a great deal of speed until a point came where most people resigned themselves to the fact that Yahoo is soon going to end up going away for good.

Yahoo Groups is the latest service that is going to go away forever, and it turns out that the one of the oldest places to hang out on the internet is going to be shut down permanently on the 15th of December 2020. Many would mourn this as the end of an era, as these groups had been around for nearly two decades and formed a big aspect of people’s lives as they grew up during an age where the internet had started to become increasingly widespread and common. This also serves as a cautionary tale since Yahoo was once the bigger company and Google was akin to a startup yet the former is now no more and the latter has become the biggest tech company in the world.
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