WhatsApp users have grown amidst the pandemic and now the messaging service is used to send around 100 billion messages daily

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp has recently shared a report about its earnings in the third quarter of 2020. Although the company did not say much about WhatsApp, however, Mark Zuckerberg did mention that WhatsApp is now sending around 100 billion messages across the world.

In 2014, Jan Koum was the CEO of WhatsApp, and at that time, the messaging service was reported to be sending 50 billion text messages per day. At that time, WhatsApp had almost 500 million users worldwide.

By 2016, these stats improved a bit as WhatsApp was reported to be sending 60 billion texts on an average daily basis.

The year 2020 began with a major pandemic which was quite disastrous for many companies but turned into a blessing in disguise for WhatsApp. Due to global lockdowns and the implementation of social distancing measures, people started relying on various messaging services and apps to stay in touch with each other. WhatsApp seems to gain a lot of popularity during this time which is now reflecting from the reports of the third quarter of 2020, by touching the mark of 100 billion messages per day and a total of 2 billion users worldwide!

At the moment, WhatsApp is way ahead of other apps in both the number of users as well as the frequency of usage, including Apple’s iMessage, Facetime, and WeChat.

Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp has said that WhatsApp’s recent growth owes a lot to the pandemic because people relied a lot on the messaging service to stay in touch with their loved ones and to carry on businesses of various nature. Probably, once the monetization of WhatsApp business accounts and services will begin, the messaging app’s revenue generation will also double-up. So far, Facebook has not said anything significant about its future monetization plans for WhatsApp. But it seems, if not anywhere else, the app will surely see a major market in India where it is one of the most popular and widely used apps.

When we talk about monetization, we hope that WhatsApp soon resumes its payment services in Brazil and take a leap with its financial services plans in India soon.

But these are all some half-baked speculations. The main positive point that Will Cathcart is currently focusing on is the increased frequency of usage and popularity of WhatsApp amongst so many people in the world.

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