TikTok’s partnership with OpenSlate may eventually ensure brand safety and provide a better ad moderation than before

If ‘trouble’ had a second name, it would have been TikTok! The short-form video sharing Chinese app has seen immense popularity but has had a fair share of troubles too.

Recently, TikTok has made an announcement which brought some good news for many brands who invest in ads on TikTok, and for many users as well. The company has partnered with the brand safety platform, OpenSlate. This partnership will hopefully see that ads and content from different brands are not displayed along with controversial content on TikTok. So, this is not only a way to ensure that decent ads are played on the platform, but this is also good for many brands who are reluctant to work with TikTok for fear that their ads may be shown alongside controversial or questionable content on TikTok which may smear their reputation and brand name.

TikTok also calls it an empowering step for brands because, with the introduction of TikTok Brand Safety Solution, this partnership with OpenSlate will help the app to bring more safety by verifying and filtering a huge range of content and categories on its platform that appear alongside ads and branded content. So, this partnership is going to help brands to keep a track of how and where their ads are running through TikTok Brand Safety Solution’s pre-campaign and post-campaign data analysis.

This partnership will hopefully make the advertisers more comfortable and their concerns about their content will probably be put at ease too. It is good that TikTok took a step for them because these concerns are legitimate. Amongst different controversies, TikTok has faced a lot of criticism and backlash for its content moderation policies. It has also been accused of not protecting its users from cyberbullying. Due to all these issues, Pakistan and Indonesia have banned the app in their region. The app also got banned in India because of political tensions between India and China. The US government also gave a hard time based on national security reasons and forced ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company to sell off its US operations to an investor in the US. That was a whole, separate ordeal. So, after facing so many bumps, TikTok’s recent announcement about this partnership is a clear insight as to how cautiously and carefully they are trying to tread now. And this is honestly quite comforting and assuring!

TikTok further explained its motive for this partnership and what it is exactly trying to achieve. As per TikTok, they are constantly trying to bring positive changes in their advertising, and they are always looking out for ways to meet the needs of their brand partners. With this partnership with OpenSlate, TikTok is looking to make things more transparent to give its brand partners the confidence that their ads will always be delivered around safe content while giving them a surety that the TikTok platform is not risky for the brands or their ad campaigns. This will also give these brand partners more control over their ad placement on TikTok.

Photo: Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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