Google Tries to Increase Battery Life With New Android 11 Feature

A major problem that a lot of Android users have has to do with the fact that their batteries probably won’t end up lasting all that long if they are using a lot of apps. Most Android users need to switch from one app to the other especially while they are working, and what this essentially means is that they can’t shut an app down every time they are done using it because of the fact that they would most likely have to go back to it immediately and waiting for it to boot back up again could end up taking far too much time all in all.

According to XDA, Google is trying to fix this issue with Android 11, and this involves a new feature that would basically suspend all app activities in the background while it is not being used. This frozen app would not end up using any battery at all, thereby allowing users to use multiple apps simultaneously whilst at the same time ensuring that their battery life can end up becoming far longer than might have been the case otherwise and as a result of the fact that this is the case allowing them to go through an entire day without having to charge their phones.

This is going to be particularly useful for Android users that don’t have a lot of RAM. While many supercharged flagship Android phones are coming with 8 and sometimes even 16GB of RAM, and amount that many computers don’t even need, a lot of users are still using 4GB RAM and in some cases 2GB RAM is also being used. This feature would help make multitasking more accessible to such Android users, and since they form a big consumer base especially in emerging markets Google will want to try and satisfy all of their needs.

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