The New Dynamic Email feature now allows users to have direct access to Google Drive files

The Internet has changed a lot over the years and every day a new update is coming which improves the quality of the previous one.

On 26 March 2019 Google launched dynamic email systems which made it easier and quicker, for the users to carry out simple tasks and assignments like RSVPing to events or replying to the comments from the inbox only. Gmail gained support for this feature during December 2019 and from December onwards more people had access to it. As now more people are familiar with this feature and have access to it Google Drive team has confirmed that now it will start sending Dynamic (aka interactive) emails which would make managing requests of Drive files more easy and simple.

Moving forward, whenever someone will ask for access from a Google Drive file they will get a Dynamic email which will give them access to the file. The Gmail users will be able to respond to the access request right from their inbox and can choose the level of access they want to grant directly from the message.

The Dynamic email feature for Drive was officially launched in October 2020 while the process began in July 2019. Dynamic email messages feature uses markup to display AMP content within the Gmail app.

Dynamic email feature allows the users to access web functions right from messages conveniently, and the users will be able to interact with customers without exiting the Gmail app. Users can also post a comment or check their shipment status without making any extra efforts. AMP also allows the users to keep the content of their messages up to date. With the help of AMP whenever you will open your Gmail app you will be able to see the most recent updates of your orders and postings.

Before the launch of the Dynamic email, feature users had to open an entirely different tab to access a request which was very difficult and time-consuming. This new Dynamic email system has made it easier for users to carry out their work without wasting a lot of time.

The Dynamic email feature will work on the Gmail app of both Android and iOS. Users can turn this feature on by going to their User settings in the Gmail app their they will have an option of Dynamic emails they can enable this feature from there and disable it whenever they want. It will take up to 24 hours to enable this feature.

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