New Facebook Messenger API Introduces Instagram Support

One of Facebook’s biggest priorities over the past year or so has involved making it so that the majority of their properties and services would end up being integrated to a large extent, with one notable exception being WhatsApp because of the fact that many of its users are not really utilizing it as part of the Facebook ecosystem and forcibly integrating it could potentially end up resulting in a mass exodus of many users to the myriad competitors that are rising up including Telegram, Signal and a number of others.

While cross platform compatibility is already being offered in terms of different apps, a new API in Facebook Messenger is taking things to a whole new level. This API is basically going to make it so that you can manage Instagram through it a well rather than having it be restricted to just Facebook Messenger.

One of the main uses for this sort of thing has to do with the business community. Most businesses are not going to want too many apps that they need to manage, rather they would want a central source that they can use to manage all of the messages that they would be getting. Big businesses in particular can often end up relying on this sort of thing because of the fact that they would have a very high volume of communication coming in every day and staying on top of things is a crucial aspect of making sure that their customers are as happy as possible.

Businesses can also integrate this API into apps that they currently use so that both Instagram as well as Messenger can be accessed from a single location that is not necessarily controlled by Facebook. Giving businesses this much control is important for Facebook at this current point in time as the social media platform is trying to move into the world of ecommerce through Instagram in particular and the only way in which something like this could legitimately be successful is if it would be easy for businesses to manage their communications and figure out what it is that their customers are actually saying.

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