Neilson's study showed TikTok as a platform which provides authentic and positive content

Neilson recently did a study which proved how many people loved TikTok. This study discovered that TikTok makes users feel mentally and physically relaxed.

The reason for this research was to help the businesses in their marketing. And where can they find their target audiences? As the world is changing it is important for businesses to change their marketing policies along with it or else they will flunk.

Sofia Hernandez the leader of business marketing in the U.S stated that it is really important for businesses marketing officers to come up with new ideas which are authentic and real and relatable to people. This new study showed firms that they can approach TikTokers for marketing purposes as nowadays many people prefer to follow social media influencers as TikTok is a platform with a lot of engagement and around 1 billion users and it is a perfect place for marketing as all types of people use this app.

Nielsen's study has been broke down into 3 main categories which are as followed.

1. Equality

TikTok has a number of active users and content creators some are extremely famous while others might not have many followers but this platform has never discouraged anyone and even TikTok owners itself stated that people do not have to be talented to be on TikTok and each and every user belongs to this community and is welcomed and celebrated here. Neilsen's study also proved this study by providing statistics.

• Firstly around 60% of the people stated that they think that they are a part of TikTok's community.

• Many people even stated that they enjoy using TikTok it not only refreshes but makes them feel confident about themselves and makes them active.

• The rest of the people said that they believe they can show their souls on TikTok without fear of getting judged.

2. Authentic marketing ideas to the businesses

Brands these days are engaging with the content on TikTok and using this platform for marketing their products many products even like 'to live my spirits' got popular because of TikTok. This category of Neilsen's study includes:

• 3 quarter of TikTok users stated that TikTok inspired them and made them confident.

• 61% of the users feel that marketing on TikTok is unique and more attractive as compared to other social media apps

• People who advertise on social media show the true version of the products and make it interesting

• 43% of the users believe that marketing on TikTok does not even affect the content.

3. People feel more connected to each other.

As per TikTok, it is an open platform where any brand can market their products and there are equal chances of them being discovered by the audience.

This category of the study includes:

• Users enjoy discovering new content every day

• almost half of the TikTok users are mostly engaged in activities like searching for hashtags and searching for music while 79% of users spend time on reading comments.

• 88% of the users enjoy the newly discovered content and enjoy looking at advertisements for new apps.

TikTok in a post stated that the reason why they introduced it for business was to bring back authentic and creative content. TikTok users are showing their true selves to the community and their inspiring trends are making users confident. Even brands are recognizing the worth of TikTok.

Photo: Costfoto / Barcroft Media / Getty Images
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