Microsoft Quickly Stopped The Forced Installation of Windows 10 Web Apps After Severe Criticism

Last week, Windows users got to see a glimpse of how they don’t own their computers now, despite paying a heavy amount for it. Microsoft forced started every system with Windows 10 on it only to roll out some unwanted web apps but the step didn’t go well with the users.

There was a massive outcry all around the internet and as a result the company now has had to apologize stating that they will now be pausing the “migration” which took place by mistake.

The idea of the new web apps wasn’t that bad at all. Microsoft actually wanted to turn the pinned websites in the Start Menu to more visible tiles so that users could easily open them directly via Microsoft Edge. However, as the whole process took place as a bug, therefore, the end result even changed the Microsoft Office web shortcut into PWA web app. Although it is something that can be made possible with the help of the Edge browser but the step happening on its own was very surprising.

According to the company, the option to pin Office web shortcuts to the Start Menu was made available to users at the start of May 2019. However, while the move seems to be a positive one, there are still some concerns that Microsoft should answer to
  1. Why does the company want to use the Start Menu for advertising their Office web apps?
  2. Why do the web shortcuts only open on Microsoft Edge instead of the user choosing another default browser?
  3. Who gave Microsoft the right to force restart anyone’s PC at all? Or what was so important that they had to do it?
Despite all that Microsoft has stated, there is still no confirmation on whether they will revert the settings or not. They are still continuing to advertise their own products along with the apps that you have installed and overall they have chosen a very “premium space” to do so. You are forced to open the Microsoft Edge browser in one way or the other and they are still not ready to tell anything about the forced reboot.

Photo Credit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty

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