Instagram seems to be working on bringing the ‘Discover People’ tab in profile section

Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker, and mobile developer has recently posted a screenshot on Twitter about a new feature that Instagram is likely to be working on. As per his tweet, Instagram is testing a link to the ‘Discover People’ section in the Profile. This new link ‘Find People to Follow’ can be viewed right above on ‘See COVID-19 Business Resources.’

By the looks of it, it seems that Instagram is going to make it easier for people to connect to different users and business resources and valuable links that can help them through the difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic was quite disastrous for the world economy, and many small and medium-sized businesses saw major bumps during this period of global lockdowns. The pandemic is not over yet, but now the world is trying to get back on its feet again. Businesses have started to look for different ways to return with full force and try to start earning so as to compensate for the losses incurred during the lockdowns and when they had to temporarily shut down for a couple of months.

Instagram is not just a photo and video sharing app anymore. It has become a business hub for numerous brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Different business entities use the platform to showcase their products, and different brands, big and small both use the platform for the promotion and sales of their products and services. Instagram keeps bringing new opportunities for these businesses to grow further. For them, Instagram keeps introducing new features and tools that help in the marketing and other aspects of business for these brands and entrepreneurs.

This new feature also seems to be another effort from Instagram to help people discover new profiles and business resources.

These are just speculations based on Paluzzi’s tweet. The exact functionality of this feature will be known once it rolls out officially. Till then, we can just wait and watch how it eventually turns out to be.

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