Google now allow Android users to change the navigation icon into a vehicle on Google maps

Google has updated its map app with some new amazing features such as Google maps Live View which is an example of using the technology of augmented reality walking navigation. This feature was introduced first on Android sets. The other feature that Google has updated is the change of navigation icon on Google maps, which was originally rolled out for iOS users, this update shows that the developers and engineers working at Google not just work on the things that matters but also on trivial things.

This feature update regarding icon was already used by iPhone and iPad for several years but on the other hand, Android users that have Google’s mobile operating system were not permitted to use this feature.

But Finally, this latest functionality becomes part of the Google Maps update for the users of Android sets. This feature which enable user to change its navigation icon into a vehicle on Google Maps on Android was first introduced earlier this very same year as a part of Google’s beta program. As the process of the update is completed and is completely rolled out, so now this feature can be used by everyone.

This update comprises changing the navigation icon into a vehicle, users are provided with the option of three vehicle which they can select by tapping on default blue dot. The three vehicle that can be used for icons are:

A red Sedan,

A yellow SUV,

A green pickup truck.

The information about this new update was brought up by several users over the weekend who observed this feature while using Google Maps Android Auto view, but this update is also available on regular Maps navigation.

The icons used in this feature have very funky and pungent colors which definitely set a good look on the Google maps and it also does not go very pleasing to the user's eyes. For using this update user must keep in mind that this feature can only be used while navigation.

Users who wish to opt for this feature had to tap on the standard navigation marker symbol while using Google Maps navigation. After that several options would pop out on the display allowing users to choose among three different icons.

Google Support page states that this new update is not yet available but by analyzing the widespread rollout of this feature says otherwise. This update may already hit almost every device all around the world.
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