Google Chrome Will Now Shut Down Closed Profiles Completely to Reduce Memory Usage

If you tend to use two profiles on Google Chrome then you will have noticed that the browser does not end up working quite as fast as you might want it to. There are quite a few people that use Google Chrome in this manner, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that these people generally have a profile that they use for work along with a profile that they have for personal use and when they switch between these profiles they would notice slower performance from Google Chrome.

The reason behind this is that even if you have closed a profile to switch to another one, some of the processes of the closed profile are still going to be running in the background which is something that would reduce the memory capacity of the system that you are using. It turns out that Google is now fixing this issue by making it so that when you close a profile, all of its processes would immediately end up being shut down rather than some of them simply continuing to run in the background.

This can speed up the efficiency with which Google Chrome can perform certain tasks and make it easier for people that use multiple profiles to get the most out of their overall Google Chrome experience. Chrome is doing this by offering a new feature that can “Destroy profile on browser close” which means that a lot of the temporary data that takes up space on your memory would be deleted when the profile is closed at the end of the day. This is a pretty simple update but the truth of the situation is that it can greatly increase the quality of service that Chrome can provide.

Via: CS.

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