Google Chrome to Start Blocking Spam Notifications from Websites

Turning on notifications for a particular webpage can often be the sort of thing that allows you to stay up to date in a lot of different situations, but it is important to note that you also need to figure out a way in which you can avoid abusive notifications. Many times a site that is claiming to be legitimate would abuse the notification feature and send you far too many notifications many of which would end up being outright spam.

The previous four versions of Google Chrome have added options to the user interface that would make it easier for users to silence these notifications with certain improvements being made over time, but now Google Chrome is going to automatically stop these notifications from bothering people. This is an important part of trying to make the internet a safer and more comfortable place for people that are trying to make the most of the kind of information that they can obtain on it, since getting too many notifications none of which are relevant to you can be a real turn off for a wide range of people that are out there.

Many people have criticized Chrome’s notifications due to the reason that they feel like they give sites the chance to spam you without any regulations put in place to control this sort of thing. This can be bad for Google since the company would certainly want users to turn notifications on so that they can stay engaged with one of their products, and the only way to make this sort of thing more likely would be to make notifications less invasive or at least make it so that users don’t get bombarded with unnecessary ones.

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