Facebook rejects two million ads and places warnings on one hundred and fifty million posts

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s global affairs vice president, stated that the social network had banned over two million ads on Facebook and Instagram combined; and placed warnings on approximately one hundred and fifty million others because the ads and posts were misinformative and were “trying to obstruct voting”.

One hundred and twenty thousand posts were also removed from the platforms for the same reasons. This was revealed during an interview that Clegg had with a French newspaper.

Clegg stated that Facebook is utilizing artificial intelligence to recognize, remove, and mark billions of posts, ads, and fake accounts that are seen as obstructive or misinforming before users can see and report them. This is a huge and smart innovation that will save Facebook from a lot of trouble after the voting as the platform has come under fire after the previous election on allegations of spreading misinformation. The capabilities of artificial intelligence are much more enhanced than any team or any other automated response that the network has come up with before. The network has partnered with seventy media outlets around the world to provide input on what type of content is obstructive and misinformative making the system extremely accurate and specific.

Facebook introduced its fact-checking system after the fiasco of the 2016 elections and implemented it on Instagram last year. It proved to be a success on Instagram although it took a while to hone the system to make it accurate, the start was bumpy with a couple of partners like Snopes and ABC leaving, but it was all smoothed out and it has been a useful addition to Instagram making it a safer and more secure platform. The system has since been expanded to cover Facebook as well.

Facebook has been attempting to placate conservatives who frequently complain that the Facebook's algorithm is biased and frequently censors conservative posts and views online. According to a report from WSJ, Facebook altered its news feed algorithms to lessen the content visibility from liberal pages like Mother Jones in an attempt to pacify the conservative masses; These changes were made with Mark Zuckerberg’s full approval.

Facebook has also taken other steps to alleviate uproar on November third and after. Facebook has taken steps to ensure that ads and posts that will inaccurately claim victory for either presidential candidate will be banned and so will ads or posts that claim voter fraud is affecting the outcome of the election.

Facebook is also going as far as removing any ads from Trump or Biden if either attempts to claim victory prematurely to the announcement of the result.

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage / reuters

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