Facebook Messenger Preps for Halloween with New AR Masks and Backgrounds

Halloween is a cherished event for a lot of people that are out there, but due to the coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill many if not most people would not really be able to go out and celebrate this holiday. This doesn’t mean that Halloween is cancelled this year, it just means that for the most part people might just end up celebrating it online through social media platforms and the great news here is that Messenger is rolling out a couple of cool new things that are probably going to help you enjoy your first social media Halloween in a way that you might not even have thought possible all in all.

One new feature that is coming into the mix is a whole new array of AR masks that you can take advantage of. These masks are probably going to help the average user get a lot more out of the kind of celebration that they are trying to have, and they might just be quite groundbreaking because of the fact that real masks might just end up getting out of fashion when you can create such amazing masks through the use of various kinds of software.

Facebook Messenger is rolling out new backgrounds, and the best thing about these is that they are going to have 360 degree angles which gives them a level of realness that previous backgrounds had simply not been able to manage all in all at the end of the day. Users are also going to get new stickers that look quite spooky, and these will add a nice touch to the conversations that you will be having over text. All in all, it seems like Messenger will be helping people have a fairly enjoyable Halloween this year despite all of the problems that have occurred.

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