Facebook announces to put a ban on advertisements which discourages coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus has shaken the entire world. Along with this pandemic, many fake rumours are also spreading. The mental health of people are already at risk and these rumours are making it worse. The amount of rumours has increased and people are most likely to believe it as well.

Social media has become the main source of the spread of these rumours as most people share fake news on Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Many social media platforms have taken a step on these myths.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of a new policy which would ban all the advertisements which are showing fake news about the coronavirus vaccine. It would ban all the advertisements related to the vaccine which would affect the mental health of the users. Not only this but Facebook had a similar policy previously as well that banned the vaccine frauds which were identified by the global health organisation.

On 13th October Facebook's Head of Health, Kang-Xing Jin stated that any advertisement that would be discouraging anyone from buying the coronavirus vaccine would be banned. Facebook's director of product management Rob Leathern also confirmed this news

Recently a lot of policies have been changed by Facebook and a lot of things have been banned by Facebook. The reason behind this is to avoid the spread of problematic content. It had recently banned a lot of things which includes prohibiting pages like QAnon conspiracy theory, it even bans advertisements related to elections. A ban on Holocaust denialism was also announced last week. All these things were banned just to stop the spread of rumours.

From now on Facebook will only show advertisements which are against the policies of the government and will only share genuine information regarding the vaccine example it will show ads like the ones in which a state delegate from Virginia said stop forced coronavirus vaccinations and this ad even stated about the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccine.

However, the ads which portray fake news and discourage the vaccine will be completely banned.

Any advertisement which would be against the government policies and will discourage the vaccine will also be rejected. Any ad which portrays the vaccine as unsafe or harmful or describes any harmful ingredient in the vaccine will be banned.

Facebook even decided to give daily general updates about the process of the vaccine on its platform and to provide genuine information Facebook is working with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF.

Kolina Koltai a vaccine researcher from the public university of Washington say that Facebook has taken the right decision but a little too late. Already a lot of people have believed in the rumours. She believes that Facebook has taken a good step but a lot of damage has been made already and still there are a lot of groups and pages which still spread fake news.

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