A new survey highlights the possible change in the amount that Influencers charge for content creation in 2020

A social media analytics and marketing company Klear claims that, comparing last year, in 2020 the rates of Instagram sponsored content have not shown any significant change. Considerably, it is the only thing that has not declined among all the other businesses and markets that have suffered and are still suffering from this pandemic.

Klear has conducted a survey involving Influencers and ask them about the rates they ask from the brands for content creation. It has examined approximately 4,850 influencers. This survey has noted the rates that Influencer has demanded from several brands in the year 2020. The results of this study have revealed a positive change of rates for influencers that create video content as it has marked an increment of nearly 5% but of others remain unchanged. The average rates of content that the influencers ask, defined by sizes, are also necessary to note here. Influencers are known to ask for $370 for an In-feed post on Instagram. The video content creators have asked $650-670 while $180 for an Instagram story.

This survey, conducted by Klear, has also viewed this scenario in terms of the number of followers. One of the reports highlights a celebrity Influencer having 500,000 followers. The research includes that this celebrity influencer has asked for the highest rates this year and has also luckily earned the highest since August 2019.

Yet, according to the report, influencers do not have to gain the highest number of followers to earn from social media. For instance, Amber Broder, an influencer having nearly 3000 followers, has said in her recent interview that she also demand approximately $100 for her in-feed posts.

This shed more light on why influencer rates have not changed is because the rates do not solely depend upon the size of the content. It varies on time and struggles that the content requires for its creation. The average rate of Influencers also depends on the terms of the contract and usage of the Instagram sponsored Content, that is, for how much time a brand aims to use the created content?

Klear has also provided the data that notes the average rate the influencers have asked for in 2020 ranging from the nano influencers to the celebrities divided into the type of content the brand or product requires.

This survey has, in short, revealed that even if the rates of the influencers haven't changed. Yet, the business and industrial dealings have declined in number. Most of the brands are unable to pay the desired amount to the influencers. It has consequently made the influencers deprived of the work, so these influencers have to cover the loss of income that they have suffered.

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