89% of teenagers want to buy iPhone in the next 12 months

Apple smartphones have always been popular with the younger generation. However, a new survey by Pipe Sandler indicates that iPhones are reaching new records with the teenage demographics.

The survey by Pipe Sandler included 9,800 teenagers who were queried regarding their smartphone preference, app choices, and other interests. Most of the respondents – around 89% - said that the next smartphone they will buy is likely to be an Apple device. Around 86% also said that they already owned an iPhone. ‘

When it comes to apps, the group of teenagers admitted to using Snapchat the most. TikTok was ranked as the second most-used social network among US teenagers.

The research firm also noticed a change in teens approach regarding social justice. According to the reports, GenZ emphasized on topics like Racial Equality and the Environment. In fact, many teens said that they buy from thrift stores or shop secondhand as a way to enforce sustainability.

As for the iPhone fans, Apple will announce four new different models this year. The unveiling is expected to commence later this month. It is anticipated that the new set of phones will include a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini at a lower price. All devices will also come with 5G support while Apple may take out chargers from the box in an attempt to keep the prices low.
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