Study Reveals What Makes a Piece of Web Content Successful

Recent research shows that the content which is less than 700 words has earned the most backlinks to other websites. This is brought into conclusion after Fractl studied more than 5.500 articles to prove that articles which have only about 695 words have the most hyperlinks.

The success of the article can be judged by the shares it has managed to earn as well as how many websites are connected to the article (in terms of backlinks). When the analysis was taking place, those articles were included that have at least 25 backlinks. Moreover, it was also kept in mind that articles from famous news websites were not included as the study was only focused on marketers.

Another way to judge the popularity of an article is to assess the topics. Articles that are on an evergreen topic will remain relevant in the long term, whereas timely articles are those that are famous in the short term, usually for 30 days. According to the study, evergreen articles such as how-to's achieved a score of only 5.5 out of 30. This shows that timely articles can achieve the most backlinks.

Amongst the most shared content - articles with topics such as sports and relationships have garnered the most shares, while how-to articles, videos, and how-to articles with video were the most shared when it came to the specific type of articles.

Small word count articles that were found to achieve the most backlinks also achieved the most number of shares as well.

However, it must be kept in mind that one does not have to focus on the word count only. The word count should be influenced only by the details of the article, it's topic, and for the audience that you are writing it for.

There are certain topics that are liked by people. This can be judged by the reactions people give to those articles on Facebook. Articles about fitness and traveling are famous and the most liked as they get love and wow reactions. While articles about relationships and technology get angry reactions, showing that they are not popular that much.

To end it all, there must be some things you must remember while writing another article. Firstly, you must know which vertical articles are the most liked. Secondly, you must keep it simple and you must also not underestimate how-to articles as they achieve the most backlinks as well as the most shares.

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