You Might Soon Be Able To Talk With People You Follow Or Mention On Twitter

The usage of Twitter has increased since March of this year when the coronavirus pandemic started to spread across the globe. Back in February 2019, the social media platform reached 321 million daily active users. Nearly all social media platforms allow users to talk to people, however, Twitter does not have such a feature. But the social media platform does offer a Direct Message feature that allows users to converse privately with other people on Twitter. Now, it has been reported that the social media platform is developing a new feature that would allow you to talk to users you follow on Twitter. On September 18 of this year, Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known reverse engineer revealed that the company will soon allow you to chat with users you follow on the social media platform. Paluzzi, who is famous for revealing features that social media giants are still developing and have not rolled out yet.

Paluzzi tweeted that the social media giant is developing a new feature known as ‘Audio Space.’ Using the Audio Space feature, users will be able to talk to people they follow or mention on the social media platform. However, Alessandro Paluzzi did not share any details about how this new Audio Space feature will work. He wrote in the tweet that Audio Space is a room where users can talk to anyone or people they follow or mention on Twitter.

The company is working on developing the new feature, and it is possible that the company does not roll out this feature to the general public. However, if the social media platform makes the Audio Space feature available to all users, they will probably be able to send and receive audio replies to users they follow on Twitter’s platform. Furthermore, it is not yet clear when the social media giant will roll out this feature to the general public.

Back in May of this year, Twitter started testing a new feature that allowed users to limit who can reply to their posts on Twitter. This reply permission setting allowed users to decide who can respond to their tweets. Previously, anyone could reply to a tweet, however, with this feature, users can filter unnecessary replies. If the company rolls out the new Audio Space feature, it is expected that many users will like the feature, and it may boost the number of daily active users of the platform.

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