Why are McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Nike and other Brands still Boycotting Facebook?

Nearly two months have passed since Stop Hate for Profit’s Facebook ad boycott culminated. However, numerous brands such as McDonald’s, Coke, Nike, several Unilever and Diageo brands, haven’t resumed advertising on Facebook and Instagram as per BrandTotal’s recent study on paid social media data throughout platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The study covered events from July 1 to September 3.

As for Brands that joined the boycott but restarted their ad spend on Facebook and Instagram once September kicked in, these include Chipotle and Sony.

Striving for a change in Facebook’s approach towards dealing with hate and misinformation, around 1,100 brands stopped advertising on the social media giant. While some brands such as Target and Best Buy resumed their ad spend after July, many others extended the boycott to September, and many still don’t plan on resuming advertising on Facebook anytime soon.

According to Publicis North America’s chief commerce strategy officer, Jason Goldberg, several brands developed a new post-COVID-19 media and spending plan for the remainder of 2020 and that factored in the pause on Facebook advertising. At this point, these brands are preferring to go on with their current strategy rather than changing it to include Facebook advertising.

An anonymous media consumer stated that the brands still boycotting against Facebook will reconsider their decision once 2021 kicks in.

Since boycotting Facebook, advertisers have found a solid social media platform to advertise on in the form of YouTube.

Several brands that are still complying with the boycott haven’t explained their reasoning behind it. Even though Facebook has started making changes to its platform in accordance with the demands put forward by Stop Hate For Profit, the social media giant still has a long way to go.

On still complying with the boycott, a Coca-Cola spokesperson said that the brand will continue to monitor every platform and re-enter social media in phases. James Quincey, Coca-Cola CEO and Chairman stated that the brand expects greater accountability and transparency from its social media associates.

Crown Royal, Guinness, Smirnoff, and other Diageo brands have yet to resume advertising on Facebook. As for Unilever, the company stated before initiating the boycott that almost 400 of its brands would freeze their ad spend on Facebook until the end of 2020. While Unilever brands such as Axe, Deve, and Breyers, are still complying with the boycott, Ben & Jerry’s decided to resume its ad spend on Facebook and Instagram last month.

It goes without saying that for companies with international and third-party links, it isn’t as smooth to monitor such a boycott as one would think so. This is why, Unilever brands Dermalogica, Kate Somerville, Living Proof, Murad, and Tatcha have gone on to continue spending on Facebook ads.

It should also be noted that Smirnoff, owned by Diageo, had to stop three ads that were running on Facebook and Instagram around August’s end. This happened because a third-party publisher posted these ads on Diageo’s behalf.

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