WhatsApp is soon bringing a new feature that will let users choose different background wallpapers for different chats

WhatsApp is a famous and very widely used messenger service owned by Facebook. People use this service to not only stay in touch with each other, but people use it for business and study purposes also. There are so many WhatsApp groups running that allow people to gather from all over the world in one group and study or share activities together.

This popular messenger service keeps bringing new and interesting features, and WABetaInfo, a platform that keeps an eye on the upcoming features spotted an interesting feature a while ago in WhatsApp beta version for Android. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that will let users put different background wallpapers for different chat windows.

In the current version, when a user applies a wallpaper in the background of WhatsApp, that same wallpaper appears in the background of each chat. This was a strange restriction and often proved to be quite distracting rather than aesthetically pleasing.

So, realizing this problem, now WhatsApp is working on a way that will give the users the choice to apply a background wallpaper for a particular chat or all chat windows.

This customizable option will be quite helpful for a lot of people who would love to put different wallpaper backgrounds for different people, depending on how they feel about those individuals. They can become quite creative as well because WhatsApp is going to allow the users to doodle and draw their patterns on these Wallpapers too.

Users will also be able to alter the opacity of the background wallpapers, so, it will not become very overpowering and overwhelming. This will help keep the background in the background only so that the main focus of the user remains on their messages in the foreground.

WhatsApp doodles will allow the users to draw whatever they want in their backgrounds and associate these beautiful creations with respective people in their chat windows. Through both these features of individualized backgrounds and WhatsApp doodles, WhatsApp is allowing people to add as much personal touch as possible, and this sounds really amazing and truly exciting.

This feature of different backgrounds for specific chats is currently in the developmental stage and it is not known as to when it will officially release, but when it does, let us hope that it rolls out for iOS users as well along with the Android users.

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