Oracle and Walmart Association with TikTok's US Operations and its Impacts on E-Commerce and Cloud

On September 20, 2020, Larry Dingnin presented a report on the topic Cloud, according to which Oracle and Walmart have made a deal and have saved TikTok's US footprints. Oracle and Walmart claim for having 20% in this latest TikTok Global, and IPO within a year. Oracle owns 12.5% in the stake of social media networks with the key reference customer, while Walmart owns a 7.5% stake and can scrutinize the e-commerce and TikTok's intersections.

Oracle says that TikTok has made this technical decision because of the Zoom reference account. ByteDance, the TikTok's owner, suffered from Sunday Shutdown's orders due to President Trump's security interests. Walmart has done this deal shortly after the Oracle. TikTok got a relaxation in the ban deadline up to September 27.

CTO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, allows running TikTok on the Oracle Cloud. According to CEO Safra Catz, the TikTok operation on Oracle Cloud will provide highly secure usage to American TikTok users and the world.

Oracle's Generation 2 Cloud security system will separate TikTok Global processing and separately show response to the security threats. Oracle has concerns with its cloud business, while Walmart has an interest in e-commerce.

Walmart will help TikTok Global by providing e-commerce, payments, fulfillment, and omnichannel services, along with its 7.5% stake, according to the Walmart outlines. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon will be a part of a newly developed company. It plans to deliver TikTok public in the US in the coming year. The US operation of TikTok will provide 25,000 jobs. TikTok Global will add more than $5 billion in the US treasury by the taxes.

Walmart and Oracle will help deliver an AI-driven online video educational program to educate the children from inner cities to the countryside on various subjects.

Observation on Walmart's statement shows some plans to do in the final agreements and do not amaze if the deal is closed. Oracle and Walmart have not addressed to ByteDance's algorithm. This algorithm has kept secret, and it is not clear that China will regulators allow the IP transfer or not. To finalize this deal, China regulators have to co-operate. ByteDance will be able to maintain check and balance of its TikTok Global stake, and Oracle and Walmart will assemble quickly after TikTok Global IPO launching in 2021. It is an observation that Oracle Cloud may give its performance in the infrastructure of Walmart. It is due to the making of the partnership of Walmart and Oracle with TikTok Global. In the present time, Walmart has a close collaboration with Microsoft Azure.

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