Twitter warns developers about the chances of their keys and tokens getting hijacked

All types of social media apps these days are guaranteeing the best type of privacy policies. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are bringing different updates every month in accordance with the new technologies. So far all these updates have been very successful in providing a secured environment to the users until recently news spread that the Twitter website has been hacked.

In emails to developers, Twitter warned them about a bug and told them that it might affect their privacy.

The reason behind this must be that someone would have logged into the developers account from a public computer or a computer used by two or three people and the private token and keys of that account must have been saved in the cache of that public device hence the data got exposed amongst the people.

This news spread like a wildfire amongst the developer community as everyone started worrying about their privacy and secrets as these private token and keys can enable the hackers to hack into any account without even passwords. In addition to that these tokens and keys are the main sources of conversation between Twitter and the developers. Twitter also believes that their own account might also be hacked.

The executives of Twitter stated that they still haven't noticed anything like the hacking of any account, still they warned the developers and advised the developers who may have used a public computer to reset their app keys and token so that no one hacks their accounts on the basis of the previous account.

A lot of developers have been affected by this bug but an exact number has not been provided yet. The Twitter executives do not even know whether this issue has been solved yet or not as the hackers have not made any actions yet.

This is not the first time that a social network's personal information was saved on the cache of the computer.

A lot of people and developers were confused and stressed about what will happen next so in order to clear their confusions Twitter publicly announced their next step which is that they will not allow the browsers to save the information in them, and this will protect the users from getting into the same situation in the future.

Photo: JasonDoiy via Getty Images

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