TikTok Sheds Light on Billion Dollar Creator Fund

TikTok is about to introduce a wallet for people that are on the platform that are able to access its billion dollar creator fund. This wallet is essentially going to be a place where creators can go in order to withdraw money from the fund. They will need to link some kind of a payment method to the wallet such as PayPal or their bank account in order to be able to use it. The social media platform took this opportunity to answer a couple of questions surrounding the fund itself that a lot of people had been referring to time and time again.

The first rumor that TikTok dispelled had to do with whether or not the fund would be impacting the recommendation engine. The social media platform cleared this up by saying that the recommendation would not end up getting impacted by this sort of thing in any way, shape or form. The creators that are able to receive payments from the fund would not have any kind of advantage which is good news since a lot of TikTok creators that are popular in their regions or have managed to achieve a sizeable following without exactly becoming mainstream would be disadvantaged if this had been the case.

TikTok also shed some light on how payments would be calculated for creators. The answer is a little complicated, but a succinct way of saying it would be that there are a lot of factors that come into play. Payments wouldn’t just be based on raw viewership figures. Engagement is also going to be factored in. View authenticity will also be determined, and the region the view came from will also be a factor. It is currently unknown if different views from different regions would result in varying payouts. A notable caveat for payments is that the videos need to conform to TikTok’s community guidelines.

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