Stats prove TikTok is riding high amidst backlash, Americans spend over 6.5 minutes on the app every time they launch it

Despite facing wrath from the United States government, TikTok continues to market its products and services to the potential advertisers.

In their latest virtual event, held for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa, TikTok’s executives shared a huge range of downloadable slide decks. The decks gave a fresh insight on how popular the app is, how the consumers perceive the content, and how the company’s advertising tactics can enhance a brand’s visibility.

Here are some of the key points from the event:

1. The average user watches a TikTok for 12.8 seconds.

2. Top View Ads are the most prominent on TikTok and earns six-times more engagement than traditional advertising methods on the video sharing app.

3. Approximately 54% of the users make sure to add a hashtag to their videos.

4. An average user spends around 69% of its time on the For You feed.

5. More than 1,000 brands are currently benefiting from TikTok’s advertising strategies.

6. TikTok has a unique database, unlike other social media networks.

7. Five million videos are posted on TikTok every hour.

8. American TikTok users spend around 402 seconds on the app every time they launch it.

9. The average engagement rate for TikTok is reported to be higher than its competitors.

These trends show that TikTok is rapidly rising up as one of the best resources for advertisers. Its unique algorithm and trendsetting content give marketers several opportunities to market their products and services in an innovative way. Above all, the marketing techniques are customizable to businesses of all sizes and niches.

What are your views on TikTok and the ads displayed on the platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Screenshots: Chris Stokel-Walker / Business Insider.
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