Users are less likely to create content for brands, survey reveals!

According to a recent survey by Visual Object, around 75% of people are unlikely to use a branded hashtag on social media. The survey also shows that only 11% of consumers have interacted with a branded hashtag during the previous three months.

As we all know, user-generated content is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Since people trust the reviews of their peers more than the brands – many brands urge their consumer base to leave testimonials to increase conversion.

However, in their report, Visual Object states that only specific platforms and methods yield the expected results.

For example, their survey concluded that Stories on media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat received the most engagement in the past three months. In fact, the report shows that 40% of the audience answered to stories on these platforms.

Additionally, 27% of people were found to connect more with videos, live streams, and AR lenses/filters in the past three months. 19% are also more likely to create videos of them using the product or service to show its usefulness. It was also estimated that users enjoy content in the form of videos and thus – brands should focus more on creating videos and Stories to engage the audience further.

Third-party websites were also found to be the most common form of UGC. The survey found around 26% of users to leave reviews on third-party websites while 25% engage with a customer-left review in the past quarter.

Visual Objects also cited the example of Buzz Feed where consumer reviews are displayed with each product. Similarly, businesses should encourage consumers to leave reviews by sending out call-to-actions in marketing emails and other material.

Visual Objects is a guide to finding the best creative firms. For this survey, the company surveyed 401 people and took their opinions on creating content for brands.

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