Facebook Creative Research Team Publishes New Insights To Make Your Stories And Video Ads More Engaging

Good creative can help marketers achieve greater campaign performance on social media platforms. Now, Facebook has published new tips on how advertisers can enhance their video ads and Stories content to make them more impactful across platforms. The Creative Research team of Facebook investigated which approaches tend to be more successful on Facebook in making an impact. In the series from Facebook IQ, the team explored timing, text, and format considerations in the first video that would help marketers to make their marketing creative more engaging across platforms.

Now, in the second video, Facebook explored its findings in three new areas including sounds, stickers, and motions. The team also provides actionable guidance on topics like whether to use motion or static pictures in ads. The new insights provided by Facebook can shed some light on various common marketing questions such as how you can be more relatable to your targeted audience.

Advertisers should use music or voice-over in their Stories ads to improve their messaging as well as value propositions. Stories advertisements with sound generate better results with 80% confidence as compared to Stories ads with no sound. Furthermore, the team also says that including stickers to your static Stories ads is not impactful, and mobile-shot Stories ads drive better results as compared to studio-shot ads.

According to the video posted by Facebook, adding lightweight motion to static campaigns drive better results. It is important to note that campaigns that include lightweight motion video to state creative drive 17% higher conversion lift as compared to static pictures alone.

Marketers should also use motion in Stories ads to improve direct response performance since Stories with motion outperform static Stories ads for driving add to cart with eighty-eight percent confidence. You should also minimize dialogue in branded content advertisements since an average of ten words were spoken in above-average performing branded content advertisements. Static stories ads without stickers achieve better conversion results while using stickers in video ads drive better conversion results. You should use stickers strategically in your Stories ads to draw more attention and feel more relatable.

Facebook encourages marketers to experiment with these approaches and refine them to find the optimal creative strategy for every particular situation. These tips provided by Facebook will help you to improve your video ad content to better align with your key objectives.

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