Google is redesigning the YouTube app for Android by adding a prominent Create button to the bottom of the screen

With YouTube’s short-form video creating and sharing feature called ‘Shorts’ in the testing, it looks like Google has started to revamp the design of the YouTube app’s screen for Android before Shorts rolls out eventually. A prominent looking button larger than the other buttons has been added in the center of the bottom bar of the app’s screen, and some other placement changes have also been made.

YouTube app for mobile is mainly used for content consumption and provides the creator with the functionality to upload a video, go live, or create something new and share it with the subscribers and followers. Also, for the general public, the app serves the functionality of watching videos and sharing them, commenting, and a lot more.

A video camera icon as now come between Cast and Search in the top-right corner.

The said Create button is going in the very center of the bottom bar, and it features a Plus sign in a circle. Surprisingly, Google has not given any label to this button, but it is larger in comparison to the other adjacent buttons.

YouTube says that by adding this new button and making it more prominent than the others is a way to make the creation process of videos on mobile easier for the creators. There is no change in the functionality, but its just the looks and access to the button that has been made much clearer.

Then, the 'Notifications' icon which used to be in the bottom bar is now going up, in the app bar. The 'Subscriptions' button moves right to the Create button.

This update has already rolled out in India with version 15.30 of YouTube for Android. Google and YouTube teams say that it will come in the iOS soon too while providing it for iOS and Android users all over the world.

However, when the eventual and complete launch will be made, that is still not known. But keeping in mind that this feature aligns quite significantly with the upcoming, TikTok like ‘Shorts’ feature, it seems that the complete Google will roll it out completely near the launch of Shorts, or along with it.

Let s see how and when this feature eventually comes and how the users will react to it?

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