New Survey Reveals which App Among TikTok, Instagram's Reels and Triller took the lead in August!

As per a new survey conducted by Obviously an influencer-marketing agency in which 875 influencers participated, TikTok and Instagram Reels emerged as the top short-form video platforms in the month of August.

68% of the participants claimed that they were on TikTok. On the other hand, 52% revealed that they were using Instagram Reels. Only 7% of them said that they were using Triller and not even 5% named apps such as Byte, Likee, and Dubsmash as their go-to platforms for creating short-form videos.

TikTok’s future in a number of countries including the US remains unknown at the moment. This has given the competitors a chance to up their game and attract the attention of top influencers.

For example, Instagram’s TikTok-inspired feature, Reels, has been attempting to rope in TikTok influencers to post on its platform. Even Triller has brought in numerous TikTok stars in the last few months as investors. Josh Richards is among these stars. Richards’ creator collective, known as Sway LA, has also been given two houses to live in, organized by Triller. Various other similar platforms have started gaining steam as well.

As for the Obviously-conducted survey, most of the influencers were “micro” influencers boasting about 35,000 Instagram followers on an average. Nearly 6 out of every 10 participants were US-based women.

Many survey participants who said that they used TikTok to create short-form content revealed that they rely on Instagram for racking up sponsorships.

As for Instagram Reels, it was rolled out not too long ago. It allows one to create 15-second videos. While it has garnered its fair share of criticism, Reels has been endorsed by a number of top Instagram creators already.

The CEO of Fanbytes, Timothy Armoo, while talking to Business Insider around a week ago, said that the introduction of Reels will probably convince Instagram influencers to not jump ship to TikTok.

Given below are the findings of Obviously’s survey of 875 influencers that tell us how many participants were using a particular short-form video service in the month of August.

TikTok: 68%

Reels: 52%

Triller: 7%

Byte: 4%

Dubsmash: 3%

Likee: 2%

Video Star: 2%

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