New research sheds light on consumers view on political ads and social media

Recently a study was conducted by the Pew Research Center to learn about the views of adults regarding the banning of political ads on social media platforms. 54% of the U.S adults think that social media platforms should not allow political ads. While, 77% of them say that these networks use data about their online activities to show them any kind of ads related to politics is not justifiable.

On the other side, 45% of adults believe that social media services should allow a certain number of political ads. Out of them, 26% of the adults want to see all of those political ads and 19% of them say that only a few posts related to the political ads should to be allowed.

According to Brooke Auxier, the research associate, most of the political advertisements on social networks mainly depends on micro-targeting. This strategy is used to target a specific group of users depending on their geographical location e.g. area.

Various social media companies are trying to restraint ad targeting. Like, the robust system is used by Facebook to divide the preferences of their users, including political leanings. While in 2019 Google had restricted the political candidates to micro-target the potential users with political ads.

In this study, 53% of the adults said that this type of restriction is not acceptable at any cost, while 22% of them believe that it is very acceptable, and just 4% of them opted for the latter.

Pew found differences in the opinion of the respondents that varies in different characteristics like age and ethnicity. Like 38% of Republicans and 15% of Democrats say that social platforms have to allow the posting of political ads.

Furthermore, 64% of the respondents between the age of 65 think that the posting of political ads on social networking sites should not be allowed. While 45% of the adults between the ages of 18 and 29 also have the same opinion regarding the posting of political ads.

Out of the respondents, 56% of the White Americans, 47% of Black, 51% of Hispanic, and 48% of the Asians claim that political ads have to be avoided on the social network as compared to 28% of White Americans, 23% of Black, 23% of Hispanic, approx. 19% of Asian disagree and said that social platforms should allow the posting of political ads.

Overall, the research conducted by the Pew Research Center showed a very mixed result regarding the posting of political ads on social media.

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